Rebecca Herring -- 6/2/18

The Father I Never Knew

Scripture: I John 3:2, Romans 8:15

Theme: We are adopted into sonship by God through the redemptive sacrifice of Christ at Calvary.  We have an eternal Father who loves us infinitely and eternally.


Biblical Background

  • Depending on translation, the term "Father" is used approximately 1050 times in Scripture.
  • The term 'Abba" has 3 connotations: "the Father", "my Father", "our Father"
  • Huiothesia (adoption) means literally "to place as a son" and bestows on that person all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of being a fully endowed member of the new family

Practical Application

  • My birth father is unknown to me except for scattered facts and scraps of information that were permitted in the adoption process in the 50's.
  • I inherited from him my basic makeup and genetic patterns that can be seen and experienced. His love in surrendering me is a puzzle that I will only understand when eternity comes into play.
  • My adoptive father took this raw material and shaped and formed it into the person I am today. With his unfailing love and guidance I came to know that there was yet another father who loved me even more than my birth father and my "Daddy" did and who was willing to adopt me into His family.
  • My promised inheritance is to to be like Him and becoming conformed to the glorious body of Christ in my eternal home with my ultimate Father.