Rebecca Herring -- 12/23/17

Scripture:  James 1:17,  Eph.2:8

The miracle of Christmas is that God gave us the most perfect gift that we could ever dream of.  We can never understand what the gift we were given cost and how we will benefit from it for eternity.

God's gift was personal.  It was crafted with every single individual ever born as the intended recipient,  An eternity of planning and preparation went into it's timing and packaging.  

God's gift was practical.  Without it I am lost for eternity.  There is absolutely nothing I can do to escape my fate without accepting His gift.  I am floating in the middle of an ocean storm with no raft, floatie or ability to swim.  He gave me the only way for me not to drown.  Very practical.

Presents are not about paper - but purpose.  Presents are not about ribbons but the reason for giving.