Betrayal and Grace Part 2 - 10/22/16


John 13:1-5

Main Points

  1. Judas struggled with his temptations of greed selfishness the entire time he followed Christ.
  2. Jesus washed the feet of Judas after he knew Judas would betray him.
  3. We should be willing to love and serve those who don't look, talk, act, and think like us.

Focus Questions

  1. How can I love someone like Jesus loves them?
  2. What can I do to serve someone who has hurt me?
  3. How can I let someone have their journey with Christ without forcing them to move faster than they should or sacrificing my standards?

Forgotten Quote

In this message, Pastor Ryan said he would utilize an Ellen White quote, but then forgot to mention it in the sermon. Here is that quote for you now: 

“Judas possessed financial ability and would have been of value to the church had he taken home to his heart the lessons which Christ was giving by rebuking all selfishness, fraud, and avarice, even in the little matters of life”